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Active Pilates Lorna Jane Movement Event

Active Pilates Ormeau opened our new Pilates studio inPilates Cadillac January 2016.  We were proud to host an event in December of 2016 called, ‘Active Pilates Lorna Jane Movement Event’.  We used this opportunity to show case Pilates Studio workouts, training sessions and current Lorna Jane Activewear Clothing that is available to purchase from our store.

This was held as a trial event with our fabulous clients performing their Pilates repertoire on the studio equipment and 10 invited guests gave us invaluable feedback on how we can best represent Active Pilates and Lorna Jane Activewear in our community.

After the Friday evening event, I think we all looked at the event in a different way.  We will look forward to enlightening the Ormeau community midyear 2017 in the services that are available right here in their back yard, providing quality Pilates training in Matwork and Studio equipment as well as quality Lorna Jane Activewear with new releases available every month, a world renown product that speaks for itself.

Active Pilates TeamWhat a wonderful group of women, the organisers and models who performed beautifully and the guests participating with great feedback, we all enjoyed the shared experienced. They all delivered what was asked of them and I am very grateful for their time, skills and feedback.

The event was a success, we may have cut our learning curve by half, thank you.

Denitta Morris
Principal Active Pilates Ormeau




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