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Active Pilates, Doterra Essential Oils and Ben Lee

In November 2016 Active Pilates hosted an evening to remember!!   Sarah Brunton PITC student, presented Doterra essential oils with Samantha Goldsmith and well known Aria award winner Ben Lee. It was a compelling and informative afternoon filled with methods on how to improve and compliment your health care using essential oils. The afternoon was enjoyed by all and we were even treated to a live performance from Ben Lee’s most recent work. Essential oils are an excellent compliment to the Pilates Matwork classes, enhancing the overall experience by bringing about relaxation, motivation and concentration.  You will find these oils being used at Active Pilates in Sarah’s Matwork classes.

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Active Pilates Lorna Jane Movement Event

Active Pilates Ormeau opened our new Pilates studio in January 2016.  We were proud to host an event in December of 2016 called, ‘Active Pilates Lorna Jane Movement Event’.  We used this opportunity to show case Pilates Studio workouts, training sessions and current Lorna Jane Activewear Clothing that is available to purchase from our store. This was held as a trial event with our fabulous clients performing their Pilates repertoire on the studio equipment and 10 invited guests gave us invaluable feedback on how we can best represent Active Pilates and Lorna Jane Activewear in our community. After the Friday evening event, I think we all looked at the event in a different way.  We will look forward to enlightening the Ormeau community midyear 2017 in the services that are available right here in their back yard, providing quality Pilates training in Matwork and Studio equipment as well as quality[…]

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PilatesITC End of Year Matwork Extravanganza

Well… I am putting on my big girl pants and heading to Sydney on the 10th December 2016 for the work out of the YEAR Part 1  Sally Anderson: Matwork on the Foam Roller Part 2  Tamara O’Reilly: Magic Circle Part 3  Lanette Garvan:  Advanced I Look Forward To Sharing With You All On My Return

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Terra Rosa – Bodywork News Nov 2016 Intermuscular force transmission along myofascial chains Recently Krause and colleagues from Department of Sports Medicine, Goethe University in Germany published a review to provide a systematic overview on tensile transmission along myofascial chains based on anatomical dissection studies and in vivo experiments. As evidence for the existence of myofascial chains is growing, and the capability of force transmission via myofascial chains has been hypothesized. However, there is still a lack of evidence concerning the functional significance and capability for force transfer. A systematic literature research was conducted using MEDLINE (Pubmed), ScienceDirect and Google Scholar. Studied myofascial chains encompassed the superficial backline (SBL), the back functional line (BFL) and the front functional line (FFL). Peer-reviewed human dissection studies as well as in vivo experiments reporting intermuscular tension transfer between the constituents of a myofascial chain were included. To assess methodic quality, two independent investigators rated studies by means of validated assessment tools (QUACS and[…]

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Nine Ways to Find Peace Every Day

Written by Amelia Harvey (Life  Coach) Unconsciously, many of us put off feeling calm and peaceful until we can get to a yoga class, afford a massage, put our feet up on the weekend, or escape to a relaxing location.    Which means, in normal life, we rush around in a chronic state of stress, emotional turbulence, and just not feeling like the best version of ourselves.   Instead of waiting for the opportunity to relax, all it takes is a few tiny tweaks to the way we go about our day and we can experience more peace straight away.   Here are 10 ways to infuse more peace into your day – minimal time and effort required:   1. Peaceful shower. When you hop in the shower, take a deep breath and enjoy the sensation of the warm water on your body.   2. Cap your social media[…]

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New PITC Trainee Meg McRae

Meg McRae, PITC Matwork Trainee, has started her Pilates journey building toward understanding and teaching Pilates Matwork. Meg is attending two Pilates Matwork classes per week and is now attending studio training once per week.  She has a medical background and we are pleased to have her on board at Active Pilates Ormeau. We all wish you well in your theory and practical study and believe you will make a fantastic instructor.

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Doterra Essential Oils Available to Purchase

Sarah Brunton is not only a devoted PilatesITC student and involved in teaching Matwork classes for people of various ages including programs for children, she is also a distributor of the beautiful Doterra Essential oils which you can purchase directly through her, check out the website below for more information in regards to the oils. Doterra essential oils are 100% pure.  While many companies label their oils as 100% pure they are most often filled with chemical components, fillers, perfumes, pesticides and other inorganic compounds.  Doterra oils are 100% as nature intended, distilled from the plant and bottled with absolutely nothing added, you will even notice slight smell variations form bottle to bottle as the the natural variations in crops effect the individual aroma of the batch. Contact Sarah today. Save Save Save

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