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WEFS July 2018

Active Pilates Qld currently has PITC trainees Annika Allison, who passed her Pilates Matwork Certification 2017 and is continuing on with the Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction Sarah Brunton is completing her Comprehensive Reformer Certification Megan McRae is completing her Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction It is wonderful to have passionate Pilates trainees coming through training and into the industry participating, learning and developing their skills so they can offer quality instruction to Pilates clients.

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Rethinking Back Pain – Retraining the Brain ABC Radio Health Report

Listen to the 11 June 2018 Podcast to hear the conversations relating to dealing with low pain back, dealing with it and the recommendation to participate in Pilates.   ABC Radio National Health Report Search RN Program Home Past Programs Features Subscribe About Us Contact Us Rethinking what’s best for low back pain Listen now(Link will open in new window) Download audio show transcript Broadcast: Monday 11 June 2018 5:30PM (view full episode) Image: Back pain can be a debilitating condition (Getty Images: Malte Mueller) Link to larger image.Image: Back pain can be a debilitating condition (Getty Images: Malte Mueller) Do you suffer from lower back pain? Thousands of Australians have a ‘bad back,’ and it’s damaging your lifestyle and your health. But the evidence shows expensive treatments, sometimes risky, like surgery and cortisone injections, are overused to treat back pain. Cheap, effective care is under-used. Then there are new[…]

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What is Remedial Massage – AP Qld, Gayle Schrodter 0414 526 608

What’s remedial massage? Remedial massage is a treatment specifically prescribed to the clients own individual needs. As remedial massage therapists, we are trained to perform the massage not only with observation and assessment skills but also tactile skills – which allows us to direct the treatment for the client as an individual. Everyone is different and remedial massage takes this into account! In remedial massage we use specific techniques to stretch and lengthen connective tissues and muscles. This technique reduces pain and helps with the fast rehabilitation of injury. What are the benefits of remedial massage? In a nutshell, there are plenty of benefits of remedial massage! However, the top benefits include: Deep relaxation and calm Restoration of muscle and tissue Speeds up recovery time from muscular strain Flushes lactic acid, uric acid and other metabolic wastes Improves circulation and stimulates skin and nervous system Better physical recovery from trauma[…]

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Pilates on Tour Au – education for movement professionals

Pilates on Tour Australia Sydney 2018 22nd – 25th August 2018 Pilates on Tour is a continuing education conference for Pilates and movement professionals that features small class sizes, ‘A’ list instructors and plenty of equipment to give you the opportunity to really absorb what you learn. Whether you are looking for new exercises, great group programming,  improving your teaching skills, an awesome community or business tips, Pilates on Tour® will inspire you to mastery. Treat yourself to the warmest, friendliest Pilates conference in the country and enjoy a weekend of learning, networking and fun. We look forward to seeing you! Register using the link below. #pilateseducation #pilatesinstructors #activepilateswebsite

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Reformer Class with Lanette Gavran

What a wonderful 60 minutes with Pilates International Trainer, Lanette Garvan.  Saturday afternoon at Core Pilates Spring Hill with 4 other Pilates Instructors. All enjoying the challenges of  Lanette’s workout who made us sweat, moan and laugh.  Thank you Lanette for your Pilates expertise and I look forward to seeing you ladies at the next workout.

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Joseph H Pilates (1881 – 1967): Act Like an Animal

Olga Tamara Vice President PAA sourced this article and posted it on the PAA, 14th April 2015. This is an unedited version of an article written by Robert Wernick in 1962 and published in Sports Illustrated, 12th February 1962.   KEEP IN SHAPE: ACT LIKE AN ANIMAL! So says Joe Pilates, a unique man with an unusual system of exercise called contrology. There is a happy band of people, of which I am an aspirant member, who are distinguishable anywhere by their springy step and “saved” look from the mass of their contemporaries who shuffle and shamble in untidy corpulence around us. We know that we are saved because we faithfully attend exhausting but exhilarating sessions at the Joseph H. Pilates Universal Gymnasium on Eighth Avenue in midtown Manhattan. For it is here that Joe Pilates, a white-thatched red-cheeked octogenarian, his wife Clara and Hannah (who came in for a[…]

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WEFS Review 2017

Active Pilates Qld is a Work Experience Facilitation Site, WEFS, for Pilates International Training Centre, PITC.  Active Pilates Qld has assisted Florina Nero complete and pass her Diploma in Pilates Instruction, 2015.   Florina Nero and Karen Walsh at Active Pilates Qld Studio Sarah Brunton competed and passed Certificate in Pilates Matwork, 2016. Sarah Brunton participating in Pilates Matwork 2017 saw Meg McRae complete and pass her Certificate in Pilates Matwork and Meg continues on toward completing her Diploma in Pilates Instruction in 2018. Annika Allison joined the PITC Certificate in Pilates Matwork in July 2017 and has completed her video exams.  We will be sending in her PITC work in the next month.  Watch this space… All trainees have experienced PITC quality training and are doing well in the Pilates industry.  Both Florina and Sarah are currently working in the industry and making their mark.

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