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Pilates Reformer – Fabulous little video clip. supplied by Soy Pilates

PAA shared this fabulous little video clip supplied by Soy Pilates.  … Love It Comparte esta foto de Pilates de la abundancia, para aprender más ejercicios todos los días 😛💪 Original de @sianmarshallpilates – Pilates excersices@sianmarshallpilates Posted by Soy Pilates on Tuesday, 25 September 2018

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Joseph H Pilates (1881 – 1967): Act Like an Animal

Olga Tamara Vice President PAA sourced this article and posted it on the PAA, 14th April 2015. This is an unedited version of an article written by Robert Wernick in 1962 and published in Sports Illustrated, 12th February 1962.   KEEP IN SHAPE: ACT LIKE AN ANIMAL! So says Joe Pilates, a unique man with an unusual system of exercise called contrology. There is a happy band of people, of which I am an aspirant member, who are distinguishable anywhere by their springy step and “saved” look from the mass of their contemporaries who shuffle and shamble in untidy corpulence around us. We know that we are saved because we faithfully attend exhausting but exhilarating sessions at the Joseph H. Pilates Universal Gymnasium on Eighth Avenue in midtown Manhattan. For it is here that Joe Pilates, a white-thatched red-cheeked octogenarian, his wife Clara and Hannah (who came in for a[…]

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PAA Conference Darling Harbor Sydney

The PAA organised a fabulous event again this year.  The International Conference Center, ICC, Darling Harbor, Sydney was a wonderful venue.  Clean and new, floor space was adequate, as you will be aware Pilates Reformers Cadillac’s etc take up a lot of room plus bodies.  The food provided was scrumptious and the National and International Presenters were superb. PAA Conference is a time to indulgence yourself in Pilates information knowledge and expertise.  We have the opportunity to select lectures and workshops that interest us or relevant to our Pilates clients. I attended the International presenters, Madeline Black, Alan Herdman and Kathy Ross Nash. I am grateful to have the opportunity to listen and learn from International presenters without the massive travel costs.  Thank you PAA. Madeline Black About Madeline Madeline’s lectures and workshops on, The Abundant Body and The Pelvis in Motion were filled with knowledge and experience.  She speaks[…]

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Australia’s Pilates Expert – Sally Anderson

Sally Anderson has been a leader in developing the professional development of the Pilates Method in Australia. Sally is the founder and director of Pilates International Pty Ltd and the Pilates International Training Centre (PITC) established in 2004 and founder / president of the Pilates Alliance Australasia, PAA(,au). PITC has become the first government registered training organisation the world, PITC RTO NO 40941.  The training courses now articulate into Bachelor degrees in alignment with Canberra University. Sally has been involved in the Pilates industry for over 25 years and trained with master Pilates Instructor Rael Isacowitz (BASI) in the late 1980’s. I first met Sally in 2004.  I had heard that previous Pilates qualifications were now bridging to PITC courses and through word of mouth I decided to align myself with a government registered qualification. I enrolled in PITC Diploma in Pilates Instruction and prepared myself for a commitment to the industry involving[…]

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Review Foundations of the Pilates Method

Breathing Pilates and breathing go together like a hand and a glove. Breathing can assist, challenge, relax, control, energise and create flow during your Pilates workout. Breathe to assist the movement – exhale on the most challenging part of the exercise. Breathe to challenge the movement – exhale on the least challenging part of the exercise, introduce percussive breathing. Specific breathe – exhale to support the back / torso. Lateral Breathing – engaging the core muscles. Exhale to extend the torso, inhale to release Exhale to rotate your spine, inhale to hold Some of the muscles involved with breath are the intercostals, diaphragm, abdominals, pelvic floor. As Pilates Practitioners we assist the client with improved breathing patterns.  We check and encourage a deep abdominal engagement which assists with improving low back pain, pelvic floor conditions and other alignments or pain clients may be experiencing. When a breath is taken, the diaphragm[…]

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Pilates Elders – Romana Kryzanowska

Pilates Elders – Romana Kryzanowska Romana Kryzanowska was born 30 June 1923, Detroit, Michigan. Romana Kryzanowska was born 30 June 1923, Detroit, Michigan. 1941, aged 18 years, Romana trained with George Balachine at the School of American Ballet.  She suffered an ankle injury and was referred to Joseph Pilates for rehabilitation. She married Pablo Mejia and moved to Peru where she had two children, Paul and Sari.  Romana continued to teach Pilates from her home. In 1958, she moved back to New York as a single parent where she worked for Carola Trier, taught ballet and worked with Joe and Clara Pilates at the 939 Studio. Joseph Pilates died in 1967 aged 83 years and Romana took on the task of running the Pilates studio. The studio was moved from 939 Eighth Avenue to 29 West 56th Street, New York in 1972 and in 1973 the studio changed it’s name to[…]

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Pilates Elders- Ron Fletcher

Ron Fletcher was born in Edensville, Missouri on 29th May 1921.   He moved to New York to begin a career at Saks 5th Ave and remained there for five years.  At age 23 years he began training with the Martha Graham Dance Company after staking out the company for 3 weeks. Two years later he mentored ad taught in Martha’s Company and appeared on Broadway and travelled to London to perform ‘The Lute Song’. In 1948 Ron started with Joseph Pilates due to a chronic knee injury. Ron became a highly sort after choreographer and did so in New York, Las Vegas and Paris. He went on to choreograph for the Ice Capades for 13 productions. In 1967, Ron was fired from his job for turning up drunk.  He began his recovery process training with Joseph Pilates and went onto be mentored by Clara Pilates. He opened his own[…]

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Pilates Elders – Eve Gentry

Pilates Elders – Eve Gentry Eve Gentry was born 20th August 1909 in San Bernardino, California by the name of Henrietta Greenhood. She began to study ballet, folk and ballroom dancing in 1917 and then moved to San Francisco in1928tostudy modern dance. Eve moved to New York City in 1936 and began her dance career with Hanya Holm Company.  She choreographed her most famous piece in1938, ‘Tenant of the Street’. Bruce Gentry was a childhood friend and they married in 1942, she then used the professional name of Eve Gentry. Eve danced and choreographed for her own dance company, ‘Eve Gentry Dancers’ and after persistent back and knee pain Eve started to study with Joseph Pilates in 1944. In 1955, Eve had a radical mastectomy where they removed a lot of muscle tissue and she could not lift her arms. After training in the Pilates Method, Joe and Eve filmed him teaching[…]

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Pilates Elders – Kathy Stamford Grant

Pilates Elders – Kathy Stamford Grant Kathleen Stamford Grant was a dancer and a first generation Pilates instructor. “Life is a collection of experiences, the things we have done the way we have lived, the people we have met who challenged, guided and shaped our views. An extraordinary life is one where we pass on what we have learned with generosity, passion, vigour and honesty.” Born 9 August 1921 in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1930, Kathy began taking Ballet lessons at the Boston Conservatory of Music and spent her summers studying Ballet at Carnegie Hall, New York. Kathy moved to New York in 1945 aged 24 years and took a job as a chorus girl and dance captain at the Zanibar Club.  Two years later she joined the first integrated broadway show in the cast of ‘Finian’s Rainbow’.  She travelled abroad in 1949 to dance in Spain and Italy with Claude[…]

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Pilates Elders – Carola Trier

Pilates Elders – Carola Trier Born May 26,1913 in Frankfurt, Germany. In 1924, Carola enrolled in the Laban School with aspirations of becoming a concert dancer.  Her parents left Europe as the Third Reich rose up, Carola chose to stay on in France and perform.  The year was 1938. In 1942, Carola was sent to Gurs, an internment camp in France, 5000 Jews were sent with her.  She received news that her application to travel to the USA was accepted and travelled to join her family.  Kerry Roland, an apprentice of Carola, stated in his interview with Pilates Anytime that Carola told him ‘she had entertained the Nazi’s as a contortionist on roller skates’. Carola suffered a off stage knee injury in 1950.  She states in an interview, Joseph looked at the knee, touched it and said, ‘sure it’s sore, that’s nothing, I’ll get you going’.  (In honor of Carola, Pilates Anytime, October[…]

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