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Nine Ways to Find Peace Every Day

Written by Amelia Harvey (Life  Coach) Unconsciously, many of us put off feeling calm and peaceful until we can get to a yoga class, afford a massage, put our feet up on the weekend, or escape to a relaxing location.    Which means, in normal life, we rush around in a chronic state of stress, emotional turbulence, and just not feeling like the best version of ourselves.   Instead of waiting for the opportunity to relax, all it takes is a few tiny tweaks to the way we go about our day and we can experience more peace straight away.   Here are 10 ways to infuse more peace into your day – minimal time and effort required:   1. Peaceful shower. When you hop in the shower, take a deep breath and enjoy the sensation of the warm water on your body.   2. Cap your social media[…]

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Massage Therapy and the Iron Man Triathlete

Generally, the Iron Man Triathlete completes a 3.86 km swim, 180.25 km bike ride and a marathon consisting of 42.2 km with the race completed in that order.  It has been expressed by many as the most grueling one day sporting event for athletes. Most Iron man triathlons have a time limit of 17 hours and this is the cut off time for athletes. They must complete each portion of the race in the allowed time, swim 2 hours 20 minutes, bike 8 hours 10 minutes and marathon 6 hours 30 minutes. The race begins at 7.00am and must be completed by midnight of the same day.  Athletes who complete the race in the allotted times would be considered an Ironman.  Article Here. Below is an article /study relating to the benefits of massage therapy for triathletes. Massage therapy can be helpful for the elite athlete and the lay man. […]

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Joanne Gosselin – My Boston Marathon

  Attached are two pictures of me running the recent Boston Marathon. The first one (with the big building in the background) was taken as I ran the final 500m along Boylston St. with the finish line in sight. The second one was taken with 1 mile (1.6km) to go – as the sign says. I was very tired and frozen in these pictures, as evidenced by the low feet and clenched hands. Joanne ran the New York marathon this year and did very well.  She talked about the freezing conditions, 5 degrees , raining and a head wind.  Joanne finished with hypothermia and needed medical attention, she says, …But as these pictures show, I still ran to the finish with a smile, and it was an experience I will never forget. Definitely one of the highlights of my life, to be a part of such an iconic and major[…]

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Australia’s Pilates Expert – Sally Anderson

Sally Anderson has been a leader in developing the professional development of the Pilates Method in Australia. Sally is the founder and director of Pilates International Pty Ltd and the Pilates International Training Centre (PITC) established in 2004 and founder / president of the Pilates Alliance Australasia, PAA(,au). PITC has become the first government registered training organisation the world, PITC RTO NO 40941.  The training courses now articulate into Bachelor degrees in alignment with Canberra University. Sally has been involved in the Pilates industry for over 25 years and trained with master Pilates Instructor Rael Isacowitz (BASI) in the late 1980’s. I first met Sally in 2004.  I had heard that previous Pilates qualifications were now bridging to PITC courses and through word of mouth I decided to align myself with a government registered qualification. I enrolled in PITC Diploma in Pilates Instruction and prepared myself for a commitment to the industry involving[…]

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Denitta Morris

Denitta Morris has a fitness industry background and has been teaching in the industry for over 25 years. Her qualifications include… Diploma of Sports Studies Advanced Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction Denitta has worked as a Group Fitness instructor teaching classes of all types – she has worked for TAFE as a facilitator in the Group Instructor training program, a gymnastics instructor at a community based level for children as well as a judge for Sports Aerobics competitions. “My goal is to see my clients out of pain and back into life… – Denitta Morris” Denitta has taught Mat and Studio classes in and around Brisbane over the last 12 years. Pilates requires on-going education and training to keep up with new ideas and techniques in equipment and changes in the medical profession. Denitta is committed to her professional development. Denitta understands each person is an individual and has their[…]

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