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Active Pilates Clients in Studio Training

Deslie Taylor in the Active Pilates studio using the Wundar Chair.  The Pilates repertoire exercise is ‘Step Up.’  Develops and improves gluteal strength (buttock), balance and postural organisation.  Step Ups are challenging and require commitment to Pilates training. Below Kris Hendrixk is executing Ball Wall Rolls with Control Balance.  The exercise in the Pilates repertoire improves spinal articulation, balance, gluteal strength, postural organisation and again requires commitment to Pilates training. Cathy Myer is using the Cadillac to improve shoulder range of motion as well as activation of the muscles in the mid back and I’ve added legs in the Trapeze, to work on spinal articulation. Deslie, Kris and Cathy attend their Pilates training with enthusiasm and commitment to continue improving and developing their bodies.  They all started with postural issues or injuries.  How far they have come…      

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Active Pilates Client Photos

Active Pilates clients working on a variety of exercises and skills.  Improving their strength, flexibility, balance as well as their confidence, well being and health.  Thank you clients – you are doing a wonderful job.

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Joanne Gosselin – My Boston Marathon

  Attached are two pictures of me running the recent Boston Marathon. The first one (with the big building in the background) was taken as I ran the final 500m along Boylston St. with the finish line in sight. The second one was taken with 1 mile (1.6km) to go – as the sign says. I was very tired and frozen in these pictures, as evidenced by the low feet and clenched hands. Joanne ran the New York marathon this year and did very well.  She talked about the freezing conditions, 5 degrees , raining and a head wind.  Joanne finished with hypothermia and needed medical attention, she says, …But as these pictures show, I still ran to the finish with a smile, and it was an experience I will never forget. Definitely one of the highlights of my life, to be a part of such an iconic and major[…]

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