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Pilates Reformer – Fabulous little video clip. supplied by Soy Pilates

PAA shared this fabulous little video clip supplied by Soy Pilates.  … Love It Comparte esta foto de Pilates de la abundancia, para aprender más ejercicios todos los días 😛💪 Original de @sianmarshallpilates – Pilates excersices@sianmarshallpilates Posted by Soy Pilates on Tuesday, 25 September 2018

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Rethinking Back Pain – Retraining the Brain ABC Radio Health Report

Listen to the 11 June 2018 Podcast to hear the conversations relating to dealing with low pain back, dealing with it and the recommendation to participate in Pilates.   ABC Radio National Health Report Search RN Program Home Past Programs Features Subscribe About Us Contact Us Rethinking what’s best for low back pain Listen now(Link will open in new window) Download audio show transcript Broadcast: Monday 11 June 2018 5:30PM (view full episode) Image: Back pain can be a debilitating condition (Getty Images: Malte Mueller) Link to larger image.Image: Back pain can be a debilitating condition (Getty Images: Malte Mueller) Do you suffer from lower back pain? Thousands of Australians have a ‘bad back,’ and it’s damaging your lifestyle and your health. But the evidence shows expensive treatments, sometimes risky, like surgery and cortisone injections, are overused to treat back pain. Cheap, effective care is under-used. Then there are new[…]

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So You Think You Can Teach Pilates? Sydney Morning Herald 17 March 2018

Sharan Simmons, PAA Vice President and Educator Officer, was approached by the Sydney Morning Herald for comment on Pilates Instructors and their education.  Below is the article printed 17 March 2018 So you think you can teach pilates? By Tess Durack 17 March 2018 — 5:37pm Holly Gibellini-Davis urges world-be teachers to find good mentors. Pilates instructor Holly Gibellini-Davis steps carefully between twenty prone forms, adjusts a shoulder position here, corrects a hip alignment there, guiding her students with vivid images – the spine as a string of pearls, waist wrung out like a wet towel, thigh bone rotating like a pestle in its mortar. Her packed class at Bondi’s Balance Moves is just one of hundreds of pilates classes across Australia on any given morning as more than 1.25 million Australians strive for the long, lean look, strong core and dancer-like posture for which the practice is renowned. With[…]

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PAA Conference Darling Harbor Sydney

The PAA organised a fabulous event again this year.  The International Conference Center, ICC, Darling Harbor, Sydney was a wonderful venue.  Clean and new, floor space was adequate, as you will be aware Pilates Reformers Cadillac’s etc take up a lot of room plus bodies.  The food provided was scrumptious and the National and International Presenters were superb. PAA Conference is a time to indulgence yourself in Pilates information knowledge and expertise.  We have the opportunity to select lectures and workshops that interest us or relevant to our Pilates clients. I attended the International presenters, Madeline Black, Alan Herdman and Kathy Ross Nash. I am grateful to have the opportunity to listen and learn from International presenters without the massive travel costs.  Thank you PAA. Madeline Black About Madeline Madeline’s lectures and workshops on, The Abundant Body and The Pelvis in Motion were filled with knowledge and experience.  She speaks[…]

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PAA Conference Sydney 15 – 17 September 2017

PILATES ALLIANCE AUSTRALASIA #pilatesallianceaustralasia PAA CONFERENCE Sydney #paaconference 15th – 17th SEPTEMBER 2017 The PAA is pulled together another fabulous line up for the Pilates Conference this year.  Three well respected international presenters will be sharing their knowledge with us, Madeline Black, Alan Herdman and Kathi Ross Nash as well as nine national presenters, Lisa Anthony, Raphael Bender, Ed Botha, Lanette Gavran, Lisa Jackson, Cynthia Lochard, Dina Matty, Tracey Nicholson and Olga Tamara The general question going around when chatting with Pilates Instructors is, ‘ are you going to the conference’  We have an opportunity meet up with colleagues who we just don’t see, because we are all working hard, learn from Pilates masters and experts in their field, both internationally and nationally and renew the Pilates passion running within us all.  Our clients are on the receiving end of the PAA Conference, they are often challenged with new repertoire,[…]

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PAA Conference Sept 2017

PAA Conference 2017 – The Pilates event of the Year! Act now and secure your place at Australia’s premiere Pilates conference in September 2017 at the new International Conference Centre. Set in the heart of Sydney, amongst restaurants, retail outlets and a vibrant public domain, this wonderful venue occupies a prime waterfront location at the hub of Darling Harbour. You will feel the buzz in the air! This is your opportunity to spend three days in the beautiful city of Sydney whilst experiencing a wide selection of Pilates workshops. The PAA welcomes three international presenters to our shores this year: Madeline Black, Alan Herdman and Kathi Ross Nash. They will be joined by nine national presenters: Lisa Anthony, Raphael Bender, Ed Botha, Lanette Gavran, Lisa Jackson, Cynthia Lochard, Dina Matty, Tracey Nicholson and Olga Tamara. A selection of small group classes will be held by national instructors: Kath Banks, Frances[…]

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BUPA Health Care Changes

 Are you aware of the changes to your Living Well package… As of 1st June 2017, BUPA will be making changes to their Living Well package and BUPA clients need to check if they are still covered for Pilates instruction. BUPA still recognise Pilates as a form of wellness and by registering your concerns using your BUPA login you may instigate change. To my knowledge no other insurance companies have adopted these changes. HAVE YOUR SAY, YOU ARE A PAYING MEMBER

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BUPA Announces Changes 1 June 2017

Pilates Alliance Australasia Bupa – Changes to Extras Products  We have been notified through our Pilates governing body PAA – Pilates Alliance Australasia, of the changes below being put in place 1st June 2017.  Please be assured we will do our best through the PAA committee to commence discussions with BUPA regarding this matter. Very disappointing. You have a voice… please take the time to express your views with BUPA We have recently received notice from BUPA that as of 1st June 2017 our clients will no longer be able to claim their Pilates sessions against the Living Well Package. The following is a statement received from BUPA Bupa is ceasing Living Well effective 1 June 2017, affecting benefits for services that require a Living Well form/medical certificate including Gym memberships, childrens’ swimming programs, Pilates courses and Yoga courses. We regularly review the services that we fund under our products.[…]

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PAA Conference Sydney 2015

Well, another fabulous PAA conference over for two years. There was a wonderful selection of National and International  presenters again this year.  Everyone buzzing around from one lecture to the next, catching up with familiar faces and madly scribbling on note paper with new ideas and information. I love the whole process of attending the conference.  Purchasing tickets, accommodation and choosing lectures that I am interested in with mentors in the industry who are knowledgeable in their field.  I was not disappointed. I look forward to the PAA conference in 2017 and thank all the staff and volunteers who help make this happen for us.   Start Time Workshop Name Instructors Location 7:00 AM Fri,23-Oct Mat Class Chris Robinson Atrium 8:30 AM Fri,23-Oct The Elusive Psoas Joe Muscolino,Simona Cipriani Theatrette 11:00 AM Fri,23-Oct Muscle Fibre Types and Pilates Sean Gallagher Theatrette 2:00 PM Fri,23-Oct Elongation & Compression of the Spine[…]

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Australia’s Pilates Expert – Sally Anderson

Sally Anderson has been a leader in developing the professional development of the Pilates Method in Australia. Sally is the founder and director of Pilates International Pty Ltd and the Pilates International Training Centre (PITC) established in 2004 and founder / president of the Pilates Alliance Australasia, PAA(,au). PITC has become the first government registered training organisation the world, PITC RTO NO 40941.  The training courses now articulate into Bachelor degrees in alignment with Canberra University. Sally has been involved in the Pilates industry for over 25 years and trained with master Pilates Instructor Rael Isacowitz (BASI) in the late 1980’s. I first met Sally in 2004.  I had heard that previous Pilates qualifications were now bridging to PITC courses and through word of mouth I decided to align myself with a government registered qualification. I enrolled in PITC Diploma in Pilates Instruction and prepared myself for a commitment to the industry involving[…]

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