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What is Remedial Massage – AP Qld, Gayle Schrodter 0414 526 608

What’s remedial massage? Remedial massage is a treatment specifically prescribed to the clients own individual needs. As remedial massage therapists, we are trained to perform the massage not only with observation and assessment skills but also tactile skills – which allows us to direct the treatment for the client as an individual. Everyone is different and remedial massage takes this into account! In remedial massage we use specific techniques to stretch and lengthen connective tissues and muscles. This technique reduces pain and helps with the fast rehabilitation of injury. What are the benefits of remedial massage? In a nutshell, there are plenty of benefits of remedial massage! However, the top benefits include: Deep relaxation and calm Restoration of muscle and tissue Speeds up recovery time from muscular strain Flushes lactic acid, uric acid and other metabolic wastes Improves circulation and stimulates skin and nervous system Better physical recovery from trauma[…]

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DōTERRA Essential Oils Winter Exhibition….. 29th July 2017

Sarah Brunton‎ DōTERRA Essential Oils Winter Exhibition….. 29th July 2017 Sarah Brunton will be hosting an exhibition all about the beautiful dōTERRA essential oils… This will be in conjunction with Active Pilates Lorna Jane sale😀 Discover how you and your family can enhance your emotional and physical wellness through the use of essential oils. Go in the draw to win an Introductory oils Pack. Sign up to be an advocate and receive a free oil as well as enjoying the benefits of wholesale.

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doTERRA Aromatherapy Oils

doTERRA Aromatherapy Oils             Active Pilates Qld hosted a wonderful event at our studio in Ormeau Qld with Sarah Brunton, our passionate Pilates Matwork Instructor and our very own doTERRA Aromatherapy Oils consultant. The event was well attended by clients friends and locals with Ben Lee attending and presenting doTERRA products and information as well as taking some time to play some fabulous music for us. Gayle Schrodter our remedial massage therapist steams doTERRA Aromatherapy oils for the duration of your massage at the Active Pilates Qld studio so you can enjoy the benefits and experience the best of both worlds. Sarah Brunton can help you with any enquires you may have and guide you toward the most appropriate doTERRA oils for you. Hit the link below to find out more or contact Sarah on 0456 172 718 Sarah

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Remedial Massage Definition and Requirements for Benefit Payment

Medibank’s remedial massage definition and requirements for benefit payment Remedial massage definition Remedial massage is the systematic assessment and treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management. It’s performed to create favourable conditions for the body to return to normal health after injury and is defined by the premise that the treatment can reasonably reverse certain physical effects a patient may be presenting. If a patient has suffered a moderate injury resulting in structural pain  and/or loss of function, then remediation is required to reduce or eliminate pain and restore that function. Remedial massage is designed to balance muscle/soft tissue length, tension, tone which will in turn promote the return to normal joint/capsular/bone position; increase the flow of blood and lymph, particularly in the injured areas, thus removing blockages, damaged cells, scar tissue and adhesions resulting from injury.[…]

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Exciting Changes!

Massage therapist, Rachel Van Der Vorst will no longer be working with Active Pilates, we wish her all the best in pursuing her career! Following Rachel’s departure, we are currently in the process of finding an exceptional new therapist to work within the Active Pilates workplace. Our massage therapists allow clients to claim on their health benefits. WATCH THIS SPACE    

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Massage Therapy and the Iron Man Triathlete

Generally, the Iron Man Triathlete completes a 3.86 km swim, 180.25 km bike ride and a marathon consisting of 42.2 km with the race completed in that order.  It has been expressed by many as the most grueling one day sporting event for athletes. Most Iron man triathlons have a time limit of 17 hours and this is the cut off time for athletes. They must complete each portion of the race in the allowed time, swim 2 hours 20 minutes, bike 8 hours 10 minutes and marathon 6 hours 30 minutes. The race begins at 7.00am and must be completed by midnight of the same day.  Athletes who complete the race in the allotted times would be considered an Ironman.  Article Here. Below is an article /study relating to the benefits of massage therapy for triathletes. Massage therapy can be helpful for the elite athlete and the lay man. […]

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Active Pilates Massage Therapists

Active Pilates Massage Therapy Ormeau We are providing massage therapy to complement Pilates training for our clients as well as taking bookings from the general public. Active Pilates Ormeau, Remedial Massage Therapist can help you with your lower back pain, sports injuries and general body fatigue. Our massage room is bright and clean with an electronic bed able to lower and raise for client and our therapists convenience. Private air conditioned room. Fresh quality towels are provided and access to an adjoining modern bathroom and toilet enables privacy. Plenty of carparking space available. Just minutes off the Pacific Motorway and the Woolworth’s Service Station on Peachey Rd, Ormeau. Make a booking today and CHANGE YOUR BODY CALL Denitta Morris / Principal Active Pilates Ormeau 0415 639 699 OR through our Contact Us form Health Rebates Available  

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