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Children Unroll the Fun Pilates

Success leads to a sense of competence

This is really the "magic window" for developing proper form and habits that will last a lifetime.

Teaching Pilates to young people involves them learning and discovering breathing, becoming aware of breath and movement and how breath supports growing bodies.

Pilates can affect young people in a positive way,

  • override physiological response to stress
  • integrate all the body systems
  • Initiate the relaxation response and invigorate the nervous system  through focused   breathing
  • organize whole brain function for optimal learning
  • raise chemical levels to balance behaviour and inhibit hunger
  • create learning and development in a group, improving social skills
  • reduce stress and promote a lifetime of self-awareness, self-care and self-management
  • strengthen attention and coordination by introducing cross-lateral movements

Duration 45 minutes -60 minutes

Providing good movement education and physical awareness at this time fosters important skills for navigating sports and academic challenges that are becoming more demanding.

This is really the " magic window" for developing proper form and habits that will last a lifetime.  Still play-based, but more focus on form than just executing the Pilates strength and coordination movements.  This is the time before the skeletal and muscular growth spurt that comes with puberty and when they are at peak neurological development.

"Learning effective and functional movement during these years of neurological development can foster improvement in ‘perception’ of physical abilities." (Marcus, 2003)

It is suggested, neural development is fully mature between the ages of 8 – 12 years (Anderson and Twist, 2005)  Therefore, teach complex movements, cross-lateral and neuromuscular coordination and balance at a progressive level.

Success leads to a sense of competence

Teaching Pilates to children holds promise to providing personal and long-term health an achievement.

$15 per class

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