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Sarah Brunton


Sarah Brunton has been with Active Pilates since  2016, at first as a student, being Mentored by Denitta Morris and now as an employee.

Sarah has an extensive background in dance mainly in classical ballet and is also a registered nurse.

Her first passion is with Matwork Instruction, where she brings Joseph Pilates original concepts as well as many variations using props and apparatus.  She strives to keep clients motivated by giving them an understanding of how the body can change when Pilates is executed as intended.

Sarah is involved in the teaching of Matwork classes for people of various ages including programmes for children. She currently teaches a programme called ‘Unroll the Fun’, in which she brings the basic concepts of Pilates to children.

Sarah is now furthering her studies in Pilates and has recently gained Reformer Certification, progressing towards the Diploma of Pilates.



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