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Sarah Brunton

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Sarah Brunton has been a student of PilatesITC  since February 2016 and is currently studying the Matwork component of the Pilates Diploma through the mentorship of Denitta.  Sarah has gained valuable skills and knowledge and is well on her way to becoming a competent Matwork Pilates instructor.

Sarah is involved in the teaching of Matwork classes for people of various ages including programmes for children.

She takes Saturday mat classes enabling her to refine her skills for Matwork instruction.

As Sarah has a strong interest in Essential Oils, you will find the beautiful Doterra oils being used in these Saturday classes, relieving stress, tension and creating focus. You will find a different oil is featured each week to enhance your Pilates experience.

See below link for more information regarding essential oils.

Essential oils are also available for sale, just contact Sarah for more information.

As a client and student teacher I find my body and mind transforming into a stronger version of my former self….

“Strong body, strong mind”..






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