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Pilates and Pregnancy

PITC Trainer  Sonia Crisafulli

Pilates and Pregnancy – Encouraging Mothers with Ashley Ritchie

I believe the mother is the pivotal point of any home. She is the heartbeat and the essence from which everything happens! A happy mother means a happy home! A truly calm and happy pregnant mom means a happy baby! Who could ask for more?

So what makes a mother happy? I feel it is BALANCE, and a constant AWARENESS of tuning inward to find that balance. Stop, take a BREATH and CENTER yourself. Smell the roses and have gratitude for the many blessings you have in your life. Reinstate the power of HARMONY and ease of FLOW from one EFFICIENT event to another in your daily life. Have a PRECISE goal of how you would like your day to be and then allow it to unfold. Be kind and gentle to yourself and give yourself time… time to do what you love and what is really yummy for you — sounds like PILATES to me. Pilates gives the pregnant mom all of the above and more!

The physical benefits of practicing with a Pre and Postnatally Certified Pilates instructor while pregnant are endless. Maintaining a balanced, healthy pelvic floor throughout the pregnancy helps avoid Postnatal complications. 64% of mothers suffer from incontinence post birth due to lack of awareness and inadequate training during pregnancy and post-birth. The pelvic floor muscles play an important role throughout our lives – not only during pregnancy. Just like any other muscle group, they need strength and flexibility. Find that balance!

Hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy also affect the spine and pelvic alignment. Maintaining physical strength and working the body as a whole will result in a healthier, happier, calmer mother who is able to cope with the changes, and life in general.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is time to be with yourself and to honor the sacredness of life within and without. The benefits of taking time for yourself to be with this miracle of life evolving within, is priceless. Practicing PILATES will calm the mind and soul and benefit the body too!

Happy Mother’s Day to all expectant moms and to those who are already moms. I am truly blessed to be the latter, for which I am forever grateful. Pilates is my golden thread that keeps it all together.

Stop, take a breath, find your core, and smell the roses.

Ashley teaches BASI’s Pilates Through Pregnancy Course.

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