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Active Pilates Student Training WEAS / PITC

Active Pilates Queensland has been approved by Pilates International Training Centre, PITC, Sydney as a studio where trainees are able to complete their Matwork Certification, Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction, observation and Matwork /Studio practical hours.

WEAS = Work Experience Affiliated Studio.

The students need these hours to complete their Certificate, Diploma and or Advanced Diploma in the Pilates Method.

Visit PITC education;

National WEAS Reps

We are pleased to be involved with the students developing their skills and assist them through the study process.  We understand the commitment required by the students and the seemingly endless observation, teaching and training hours.

All students completing the Certificate in Pilates Matwork, Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction and Advanced Diploma in the Pilates Method are qualified to a high level and have the skills to work in the industry and give clients the best possible service.

PITC qualifications are both nationally and internationally recognized.

Most students take 9 – 12 months for the Certificate in Matwork, 12 to 18 months to complete their Diploma and may then choose to continue for another 18 to 24 months for the Advanced Diploma in the Pilates Method.

They understand and can apply the Pilates repertoire on Reformer, Cadillac, Wundar Chair, Small Apparatus as well as Matwork classes.

WEAS Student Video Exams

Active Pilates can help with the final phase, one $150, two $200.

We can provide;

–          Hire of the Active Pilates Matwork Studio

–          Air-conditioning, cool or warm the room depending on the weather

–          Participants (min 4) ready for your teaching style and level

–          Small apparatus including; foam rollers, hand/leg weights, therabands, Fit / Chi balls, magic circles

–          Video recorded and presented on a USB stick ready for tutor marking

To inquire further or to make a booking.


Students are reminded of these
PilatesITC support services…

Student Facebook forum – PilatesITC Student Forum

Practicum intensives – additional cost

Student clinics – no cost but required to book in advance

Skype tutorial sessions for regional students – no cost but required to book in advance

Private tutorials – additional cost, 1:1 session with a faculty member

Sally Anderson

Pilates Instructor / Director PITC

sally anderson

Visit Sally’s site

Students have studied under Pilates professionals who are at the highest level of Pilates Instruction and continue ongoing education in the Pilates industry.  This keeps them up to date with new information in the Pilates industry, health and fitness and new research and enables them to train their clients with the best possible outcomes.

When the students complete their qualifications, they are expected to do the same.

PITC is based in Pymble, Sydney and offers training in Pilates Matwork, Diploma in Pilates Instruction as well as Advanced Diploma in Pilates Method.

PITC has linked in with Canberra University where students who have completed the Advanced Diploma may continue their study with a Bachelor in Exercise Physiology / Bachelor Sports Coaching and Exercise Science.

We support and assist trainees to reach their full potential and wish them all well in the industry.

WEFS Training

WEAS Trainees can apply to join the Core Pilates Trainees Facebook page by clicking on the link below.


Welcome to also apply to join the Pilates ITC Student Forum by clicking on the following link.



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