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Do I need an initial consultation?

Yes, for Studio - We use the initial consultation to assess your body, and determine the best possible program, for your needs. We start to teach you about The Pilates Method, discuss past / present injuries, your medical history, your goals so you will get the best possible results.  The setting of correct body mechanics and understanding how to consistently apply this requires a high level of quality supervision.

The Studio sessions using the Reformer, Cadillac etc is a great way to start exercising following a sports injury or any form of rehabilitation. The focus on postural work and muscle imbalances during class will help your spinal alignment, keep muscles conditioned, and with continued practice will help decrease the risk of future injuries.

An initial consultation (essential) is $99 – this is a one on one and requires personal attention. After your initial consultation, we will pair you with another person as a duet, the price for a duet is $55 per person/per session.

All our Pilates Studio sessions are by appointment only and run for 60 minutes. Between each Studio session, we allow a 30-minute interval. We run our Studio sessions at different times on different days, it is best to talk to our Customer Coordinator to organise a day and time to you book in.

A Pilates Studio session takes an hour. Ideally, you should try to do two to three sessions to build strength. Many people come to Studio once a week and join our LIVE ZOOM Mat classes on other days of the week. When you first start it is a good idea to have two sessions a week (Studio and ZOOM), to help consolidate your understanding of the exercises and method.

We do not run Reformer only classes in the Studio as we are a boutique Studio and only instruct two clients at any one time. We do offer Reformer LIVE ZOOM classes on Monday mornings at 6:00 am which is an online group setting and very interactive. This is only offered to clients who have an at-home Reformer. We will teach you how to use your Reformer correctly, learning stabilisation, lengthening, and strength.

We are solely focused on The Pilates Method with a Studio built for quality Pilates Instruction.  Passion and many years studying Pilates plus nearly 20 years teaching Pilates means our clients will get the best possible results and education in Postural awareness, breathing, muscle patterning, alignment, and organisation.

Both Studio and Mat work involve the use of the key principles of Pilates. Each are aimed at strengthening your stomach muscles as a core support for your body. Studio work involves the use of specialised equipment only available at the studio. Each person will be doing their own special program but will be supervised by an instructor. Our ZOOM Mat classes use small apparatus/equipment, and you are working against gravity simply done on a yoga mat. There are different levels from beginner to the intermediate / advanced. Mat class is particularly good for your cardio fitness as well as your stomach. It is beneficial to do a combination of both Studio and Mat work.

You need to give us 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel your appointment, no cancelation fee. This gives us enough time to try and fill your space with another client. If you cancel within 24 hours, we will charge you 50% of your session. If you no show to your appointment we will charge you 100% of your session.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing in which you can move freely. We ask that you wear sticky socks in the Studio classes for hygiene & safety reasons. Pilates socks with grips along the sole are available for purchase in the Studio.

In considerably basic terms, Pilates is considered full-body strength training and focuses on core strength (the muscles that support your spine). Pilates also works to correct poor posture and muscle imbalances. Yoga focuses primarily on flexibility. Both are considered mind-body disciplines. Some say the focus with Pilates is “inside out” and yoga is “outside in.”

We are committed to doing everything in our power to provide a COVID-19 safe environment for our clients and staff. The following COVID-19 health and safety precautions have been implemented in our studio. Social distancing is enforced and our equipment in the studio is spaced at least 1.5 meters apart. Equipment is thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant wipes after each use. All clients are asked not to come into Studio if they are feeling unwell and hand sanitizer is located throughout the studio for staff and clients to use during their session. Each client is asked to check-in on arrival in the case we need to contact clients promptly if an outbreak was to occur.


An initial consultation is not necessary for our LIVE ZOOM Mat classes. You are required to declare any injuries and/or pathologies prior to class to ensure we can suit the class to your needs. If you would like an initial consultation you will need to book into the Studio for a one on one session.


You will need to download ZOOM either on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Once you have downloaded the application (App) we will send you the links for the classes which will automatically connect with your downloaded app. You will be required to create an account with ZOOM so don’t forget to write your username and password down for future reference.

You do not need your camera turned on, but we recommend that you do. We cannot correct you if we cannot see you. With regards to sound we prefer that everyone is on mute. Usually at the start of each class we will talk to the group and when the class starts, we will put everyone on mute. If your sound is on during class it can be distracting to the other clients in the ZOOM class however if you need to ask a question during class you are welcome to take yourself off mute and talk with the instructor.

Yes, our Customer Coordinator can talk with you over the phone otherwise if you live locally (Gold Coast or Brisbane) we can drive to your house to assist with the setup. Ideally, with the camera angle setup, we need to be able to see your full body side-on. Space behind and in front of your Mat is always good for us to get a better gauge on how your body is moving/sitting during the exercises.

Each week we use a different piece of small apparatus. This helps to keep the classes interesting and learn new repertoire. During each class it is recommend that you have a mat. The apparatus used each week is: Mat only, TheraBand, Foam Roller, Chi Ball, Magic Circle, Fit Ball. Sometimes we use small hand weights during class too.

Yes, if you have your camera turned on and we can see your body then we can correct you during class.

Before each ZOOM class we always chat with each client to see how their bodies are and if there are any recent injuries that we should know about. During class, the instructor is very interactive with the clients and will talk to each person individually if they need correcting or if they have any injuries or pathologies where they need to do an exercise differently. After class we also have another chat with the class to see how they went and if they have any feedback.

Pilates is suitable for everybody, but some exercises may need to be altered to suit beginner levels. In most ZOOM classes different exercise levels are suggested. The instructor will be aware who the new clients are and will be able to guide them suitably during class.

Yes, once a month we offer a beginners class called ‘Progress & Revisit the Pilates Method’ this is a basic class but will cover the essential skills needed for any Pilates class e.g.: breathing, abdominal patterning, pelvic stability. From Tuesday to Friday we offer beginner-intermediate classes with each week using different small apparatus. These classes can generally be altered to different levels during class when the instructor is teaching. Once a month we offer an intermediate-advanced class called ‘NRG’, this class is an invite only and is specifically designed for clients who have been coming to Pilates for longer than 5 years and have the skills to do the exercises correctly without being cued during class. On Monday we run a Reformer only ZOOM class which is beginner-intermediate level.

Monday(Reformer only) – 6:00 am

Tuesday – 10:00 am

Wednesday – 6:00 am

Thursday – 10:00 am

Friday 6:00 am

Progress & Revisit the Pilates Method is usually held on Mondays at 7:00 am once a month

NRG is usually held on Saturdays at 8:00 am once a month

A casual LIVE ZOOM class is $22 per session, otherwise we offer monthly membership fees of $99 which gives you access to all the LIVE ZOOM classes and the recordings for the month. It is much better value to pay for a monthly membership.

We will instruct and teach you The Pilates Method ensuring you get the most out of your online sessions.  Each client is observed and corrected if necessary and understanding your pathologies or injuries means the class will be made to suit your body.

Yes, we do recommend this. Generally, we would suggest coming in for a Studio session every 4, 6 or 8 weeks. Coming in for a Studio session will give you the opportunity to ask any questions with the instructor about your ZOOM classes in terms of breathing, pelvic stability, abdominal patterning, or questions on setting up for ZOOM. Our Customer Coordinator can let you know when there is a space in the Studio available.

In considerably basic terms, Pilates is considered full body strength training and focuses on core strength (the muscles that support your spine). Pilates also works to correct poor posture and muscle imbalances. Yoga focuses primarily on flexibility. Both are considered mind body disciplines. Some say the focus with Pilates is “inside out” and yoga is “outside in.”

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