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Low Back Pain

When it comes to low back pain most of us will realize it at least once in our lives.

It is important to strengthen and stretch our muscles to maintain as close to ‘ideal ‘ posture as we can get.  Pilates can help with this by strengthening the ‘core’.  Deep abdominal muscles that support the front of our torso and deep back muscles that support the back of our bodies.  Additionally, when there are weak muscles in the body there are also tight muscles.  These muscles change our bodies alignment.


Some of the symptoms a low back sufferer may experience are pins and needles or numbness down the leg, in the toes or in the foot.  Radiating pain down the back of the leg and/ or in buttock.   General aching or discomfort in the low back and pelvis.

Low back pain can be related to a number of things so a professional assessment with a Physiotherapist will often guide the client as to what they need to do to assist in treating their low back pain.

Muscle Imbalances

Low back pain sufferers often have


  • hamstrings
  • hip flexors
  • gluteals


  • deep abdominal’s – tranverse abdominus
  • deep back muscles – multifudus

When a client is suffering from low back pain the nerve to muscle activation may be dysfunctional.  When participating in Pilates studio session we may be able to successfully train these muscles in such a way that they engage with a breathing pattern and / or under load.  Clients will often feel a real sense of relief when engaging the correct muscles to complete movements or exercises.

Unfortunately, there are some low back pain conditions that do not respond to exercise and may need surgery.  Spinal surgery for some people does give them the relief they need from pain.  However, it is important to participate in a rehabilitation exercise program following Spinal surgery.


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