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PAA Conference Darling Harbor Sydney

The PAA organised a fabulous event again this year.  The International Conference Center, ICC, Darling Harbor, Sydney was a wonderful venue.  Clean and new, floor space was adequate, as you will be aware Pilates Reformers Cadillac’s etc take up a lot of room plus bodies.  The food provided was scrumptious and the National and International Presenters were superb.

PAA Conference is a time to indulgence yourself in Pilates information knowledge and expertise.  We have the opportunity to select lectures and workshops that interest us or relevant to our Pilates clients.

I attended the International presenters, Madeline Black, Alan Herdman and Kathy Ross Nash.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to listen and learn from International presenters without the massive travel costs.  Thank you PAA.

Madeline Black

About Madeline

Madeline’s lectures and workshops on, The Abundant Body and The Pelvis in Motion were filled with knowledge and experience.  She speaks from the heart and shares as much information as she can in two hours.  The Spine by Design was a full day, we just touched the surface but it was stimulating and encourages research and practise in this area.  It has been on my mind since I left Sydney.

Alan Herdman and Me

Madeline Black and Me

Alan Herdman

About Alan

Alan Herdman has a quiet, funny style of delivery.  I attended The Mature Client, Standing Reformer and Mat to Trap. His 45 years in Pilates knowledge experience and observation can be seen easily as  he shared his tips on client set up and appropriate wording when cueing the client.

Kathy Ross-Nash

Kathy Ross-Nash delivered the workshop, Leg Stretch Variations.  She is dynamic and engaging in her teaching method.  Very hands on and ‘all over it.’  Again, good usable  information, variation in delivery and I have extended my studio repertoire with this workshop and will practice and apply it.

Kathi Ross Nash

If all of that is not enough, in the halls of ICC, where some of the fabulous Queensland Pilates teaches…


The Qld Pilates Posse: left- Megan Mc Rae, Anita Thomson, Lisa Jackson, Denitta Morris, Chantal De Rolf, Florina Nero, Angela Schoemaker and Louise Rutherford.




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