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Denitta Morris

Denitta Morris
Expect a quality, full-bodied workout with your individual needs being met.
Denitta Morris
30yrs Health & Fitness | 13yrs in the Pilates Industries
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Denitta Morris
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Diploma Sports Studies
Advanced Diploma in the Pilates Method
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Denitta Morris

    • Diploma in Sports Studies
    • Diploma in Pilates Instruction
    • Advanced Diploma in the Pilates Method


I am grateful to Joseph H Pilates (1883-1967) and the many others who have developed and shared the Pilates Method along the way.

I love Pilates, it’s been good to me I love how it gives me focus, continued personal growth, postural organisation, postural awareness, breathing and always challenging me mentally and physically to develop and grow.

I have lived in Ormeau for 20 years plus, and started my Pilates journey in 2002, after 20 years in the Health and Fitness industry.

I wanted to teach quality Pilates to our community.  Let them get the real Pilates experience using all Pilates Apparatus/equipment without having to travel.

We opened as a small home-based Pilates business in June 2010.

The new studio opened January 2016, more space for clients and Pilates equipment. We now offer Pilates Online Matwork classes, Online Studio instruction, clients can access recordings specific to Pathologies and Children’s Pilates.

As our clients grow in their Pilates journey, we watch the changes they have in their body, reducing pain, becoming aware of correcting their own posture and they are feeling it change too.  It’s wonderful.

Pilates is an endless journey. I’ve never been bored, and I’ve been teaching for 15 plus years.  The human body is incredible, you can continually teach your body a better way to move, stand, sit and more.  It’s a Mind-Body focus.

I hope to educate young people in the benefits of movement, and good posture, assist others in moving well and enjoying exercise as well as be a small cog in the wheel of developing the professional Pilates Industry.

‘Move Well, Age Well’

Denitta Morris

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