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Florina Nero

I became a Matwork teacher so I could share the benefits
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Professional Pilates Instruction Diploma with Classical Training
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I enjoy belonging to a fitness philosophy that benefits all who are a part of it
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Florina Nero

Hi all just to let you know a little about me.

I started my Pilates journey about ten years ago.  I was doing matwork in a local gym after doing weights and finding my muscles all getting too big and thinking I should try something different.  I was surprised at the results just from mat twice a week, longer muscle and more shape and tone than I had ever had not just bulk.  I progressed to studio purely by accident wondering what I had walked into on my first appointment.  The equipment was a shock I'd never seen this stuff before.

After the trials and tribulations that Pilates brings or the love hate relationship as I call it, I realized my body just thrived on it.  I became a Matwork teacher just so I could share the benefits of what I had learned and taught in gyms for over 5 years.  Progressing from there I went on to do my Professional Pilates Instruction Diploma and progressed to the Classical training as well.

All you need to know is this, when you are with me, I will learn to read your body and what it requires on the day to make it function better.  My qualifications just let you know I have watched a lot of bodies and practiced enough to know which exercises I should be doing with you. Some days we take it easier than others, it depends on what your body tells me.

Something else I love about Pilates- I have been able to do it at any age just catering for the needs of my body at any given time.

Life is meant to be fun, so I endeavour to have a joke and not take things too seriously, but you will always feel better after, so give it a go!

My qualifications include:

  • Studio Pilates Mat 1 and 2
  • Studio Pilates small apparatus ball, bands and magic circles
  • PITC  Matwork Cert 4
  • PITC Diploma Professional Pilates Instruction
  • Bridging certificate Authentic Pilates
  • First Aid
  • Member of the PAA (Pilates governing body)
  • Up to date Insurance

Florina Nero

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