Ron Fletcher was born in Edensville, Missouri on 29th May 1921.



He moved to New York to begin a career at Saks 5th Ave and remained there for five years.  At age 23 years he began training with the Martha Graham Dance Company after staking out the company for 3 weeks. Two years later he mentored ad taught in Martha’s Company and appeared on Broadway and travelled to London to perform ‘The Lute Song’.

In 1948 Ron started with Joseph Pilates due to a chronic knee injury.

Ron became a highly sort after choreographer and did so in New York, Las Vegas and Paris. He went on to choreograph for the Ice Capades for 13 productions.

In 1967, Ron was fired from his job for turning up drunk.  He began his recovery process training with Joseph Pilates and went onto be mentored by Clara Pilates.

He opened his own studio on the West Coast, LA, located on the corner of Rodeo and Wilshire with the blessing of Joe and Clara Pilates.  The studio attracted clients – Nancy Regan, Betsy Bloomingdale, Barbara Streisand, Cher and many others.  He showcased Pilates for one hour on the Phil Donahue in 1977, aged 56.

The following year he published “Every Body is Beautiful’ and introduced more focus into the breathing and bringing Pilates into standing with permission from Clara Pilates. Just honour the “A,B,C’s” of Pilates.

In 1988 Ron moved with his lifelong partner to a ranch in Texas and in 2003 authorised and endorsed The Ron Fletcher Program on study.  At age 86,Ron initiated “Fletcher Pilates International” to enable Fletcher Pilates to be taught all over the world.

Ron died, 6th December 2011, aged 90.




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