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Review Foundations of the Pilates Method


Pilates and breathing go together like a hand and a glove.

Breathing can assist, challenge, relax, control, energise and create flow during your Pilates workout.

Breathe to assist the movement – exhale on the most challenging part of the exercise.

Breathe to challenge the movement – exhale on the least challenging part of the exercise, introduce percussive breathing.

Specific breathe – exhale to support the back / torso.

Lateral Breathing – engaging the core muscles.

Exhale to extend the torso, inhale to release

Exhale to rotate your spine, inhale to hold


Some of the muscles involved with breath are the intercostals, diaphragm, abdominals, pelvic floor. As Pilates Practitioners we assist the client with improved breathing patterns.  We check and encourage a deep abdominal engagement which assists with improving low back pain, pelvic floor conditions and other alignments or pain clients may be experiencing.

When a breath is taken, the diaphragm flattens as oxygen is drawn into the lungs, oxygen then attaches to the blood cells and is delivered to the muscles, organs and nerves.

Joseph Pilates was big on breathing, he states in his book, Return to Life through Contrology and Your Health,

True heart control follows correct breathing which simultaneously reduces heart strain, purifies the blood, and develops the lungs” Joesph H Pilates

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