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Work Experience Affiliated Studios

We are here to support you wherever you are in your Pilates journey:

Why PilatesITC?

Pilates International Training Centre (RTO No. 52583) Courses and Professional Instruction Pathways were developed and continue to be Mentored by Sally Anderson and are today delivered nationally by Directors Suzanne Newby and Frances Cahill, with our National Faculty Team and network of Affiliated Studios.  PilatesITC has a reputation for delivering world-class Instructor training, with the highest exacting standards in the market today.

Our courses offer a smart and accessible blend of theory and practice, so our Instructors are comprehensively trained. PilatesITC trained Instructors have a sound and balanced understanding of the Method, their scope of practice, where Pilates fits and can be most useful in the Allied Health chain.  PilatesITC accredited undergraduate and post-graduate level qualifications and pathways are recognised by the industry’s peak body, the Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA); the American Association, the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and all reputable employers in Australia and internationally.

Instructors graduate ready to teach and equipped with the micro and macro-level skills necessary to deliver a targeted, responsive and corrective Pilates experience for clients. We produce Instructors whose clients and employers love: they fill classes and retain clients!

What is Work Experience Affiliation?

PilatesITC Students have access to the most current teacher training applications, delivered by leading Educators in some of the finest facilities in the country.

We believe the best learning outcomes are achieved in a mentor-supported environment and guidance from the industry’s finest Pilates bodies and minds goes a long way to ensuring our students’ success.

The Pilates community, across the country, plays a huge role in keeping our students motivated, on-track and enriching their learning experiences through in-person work experience.

Students are required to complete a minimum amount of on the job learning in the form of:

Observation: viewing group classes and Studio Pilates delivered by a qualified Instructor.

  • Self-audit: (not assessed) self-paced tasks to consolidate on the job learning.


  • Self-scheduled practice teaching in the Studio setting.
  • Co-instruction of group classes and Studio Pilates parallel to a qualified Instructor in the

Studio setting.

  • Self-mastery: developing and exploring personal practice of Pilates.

This is where our Work Experience Affiliates come in! Students can complete a percentage of these hours at any of PilatesITC approved Work Experience Affiliated Studios. The Affiliate program (formerly WEFS) was developed as an accessibility measure, invoking the power of our strong, connected Pilates community so, Students can enjoy equitable access to rewarding learning opportunities in live-Studio environments.

Affiliated Studios are selected via screening process and must perform against set criteria including but not limited to quality of facilities and equipment; staff qualifications; membership of the industry body (PAA); demonstrated commitment to professional development and be able to service the necessary supervision and documentation.

Our Affiliates are the best in the Pilates business and are essential to our ability to deliver high-quality, meaningful and comprehensive Pilates education in Australia.

Teaching hours

Self-scheduled teaching hours, where Students organise their own “clients” to teach, is designed as an opportunity to hone teaching skills in a live, Studio setting.

Students are wholly responsible for securing clients to teach, pulling from their own networks (friends and family) and the PilatesITC Student community. There is a strict screening process in place for Students’ clients to ensure they work only with healthy and able-bodied clients and not beyond their scope of practice.


This is a unique situation for Students: they can get a taste of working as an Instructor with real clients, but under the guidance and with the support of a qualified professional. Co-instruction teaching guidelines we recommend to students when they are on the floor with your clients and Instructors:

Work experience (WE) can be an overwhelming part of the course work: where to start, how to start, and why? So, we’ve developed the flow chart (below) that maps out exactly what is required of you when it comes to, WE.

WEAS PilatesITC Student Observation Flow Chart

Click Work Experience Affiliated Studio to read the full PDF

What’s the deal with Work Experience Affiliate Studios?

As part of our flexible course design, Students can complete a percentage of their WE hours at any of PilatesITC approved Work Experience Affiliated Studios (WEAS). This program was developed as an accessibility measure, putting to use our connected Pilates community so Students can enjoy equitable access to learning opportunities in live-Studio environments.

The full list of Work Experience Affiliates is available on the website, along with a downloadable version of the Student WEAS brochure containing everything you need to know about this aspect of our course design. 

Take your time and learn online:
Pilates CEP online workshops

WEAS Pilates CEP Online Workshops
Online workshops give you the flexibility to learn in your own time, wherever you may be.

As well as fitting in around your own commitments, online learning is also a more cost-effective way of gaining new information and PDPs/CECs that help you advance in your profession, and are easily accessible from your chosen device.

Nowadays e-learning is hugely popular and a common format used in both vocational and higher education. It is also the greener option and, better for the environment is better for all of us.

With all these good reasons to learn online, you still need great programs to engage with. Our Online Workshops are an inspiring mix of expert presenters taking you through high-quality video repertoire that relates to extensive curriculum theory and comprehensive application. Each workshop is a speciality subject that will layer upon your existing Pilates certification and award you 3 PDPS from the Pilates Alliance upon completion.

Have a stroll through our online course options at and when you’re ready, simply register online.

Load & Progression

Pilates for Hypermobility

Pilates for Lumbopelvic Rhythm

Our online workshops are delivered by experts holding Advanced Diploma Pilates qualifications in addition to qualifications in other modalities including physical therapy, training and assessment, and exercise sciences. 

We recommend Pilates teachers who hold formal government
recognised qualifications at minimum Diploma level.

We support and assist trainees to reach their full potential and wish them all well in the industry.

Welcome to also apply to join the Pilates International Training Centre by clicking on the following link.


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